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You Should Be Thankful For What You Don’t Have, America

(photo cred)Scroll through your social media rolodexes and I guarantee you will find a friend thankful that the grand jury got it right. Celebrating the defense of justice so good guys can sleep soundly under the blanket of freedom without fear of criminals. Peek through the shades of an African American household on Thanksgiving, one totally unrelated to the Ferguson … [Read More...]

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The Lie of God’s Perfect Will

Life is full of choices. At some point you have to make them. The least you can do is be honest about the choices you make. And when it comes to God, you only have two -- you can choose to obey or choose to disobey. Nowhere in the middle. That is the choice. … [Read More...]


The Narrow Gate Through a Cross

(Some of you do not know I also write for MyDaughtersFirstBible.com. The posts are lessons to my daughter as I read the whole Bible to her. This is the most recent one -- shameless plug that you consider it for your future blogrolls.) But small is the gate … [Read More...]


Thanks for the PB&J’s Mom, Now Get a Real Job!

This weekend, President Obama made some startling statements about stay-at-home moms. And frankly, I'm pissed. Full disclosure here of why: I'm not a mom. I don't stay at home. I have NO idea what I'm talking about. I mean, really, all I have in this is I've … [Read More...]


How Bullying Can Save Your Marriage

Nobody likes a bully. Not in a casual fling. Not in a friendship. Not in a budding romantic relationship. Not in an illicit I-don't-know-what-that-was-but-I-hope-it-never-happens-again-ship. And certainly not in a marriage. Unfortunately, bullying tactics … [Read More...]


The “Do You Have a Peace About It?” Lie

There's one -- and only one -- thing you should never have a peace about. Never. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the words. "I don't have a peace about it." "I knew it was right because I had a peace about it." It's a spiritual sounding reason … [Read More...]


Can You Talk to God Like a Cave Man?

These days it's not easy to talk to God. We've got a million different ways to communicate -- technology that provides video conferencing around the globe with micro-second delay, telephone chats that connect multiple people in any number of countries, … [Read More...]


The Times You Should Shut Up and Not Say Anything

Part of Christian maturity is knowing when to shut your mouth and walk away. A lot of it. Whole beatitudes are lined up along the back wall of your mind like homecoming dance outcasts in a high school gym, all hoping you won't make a fool of yourself again … [Read More...]