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How to Give Your Pastor the Worst Week of His Life

You're the ideal church-goer. You're sharp and witty and an asset to any organization. You tell it like it is and get things done. But, unfortunately, there's no ideal church. And, more importantly, no ideal pastor. However, with a little help from you, your pastor can turn it around in no time. It'll be a great learning experience for him, and he'll be grateful he chose to … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

Featured Story


The Art of Telling Someone Off in Christianese

Christians need help with confrontations. Let's face it. There's a lot of meanness out there. Most of the time we just sit and take it. Others, we walk away and complain to our friends. Rarely do we stand up and respectfully, firmly put someone in their … [Read More...]


Why You Have To Be Hated To Be a Christian

Your parents wanted to make you a clone of them. Didn't take. You rebelled. Your pastor wanted to make you a Jesus Freak. Didn't work. Toned that down. You fought and fought to carve yourself into a self-made man (or woman). But you couldn't drop one bad habit … [Read More...]


Too Beautiful to Hold

There are moments too beautiful for a heart to hold. So I stand here with my little girl in my arms, this tiny heart soaking into me, and mine pouring out all over the floor. Soaking the carpet. Splattering the dresser (the one given to us by your … [Read More...]


Open Letter to a Mom

Dear Mom, Thank you for being the best mother in the world. I know, everyone says that they have the best mother in the world. But no, really. Thank you for not throwing me out of the window as an infant. This means a lot considering I was up every two … [Read More...]


How to Stay On Fire for God

I sat down across from an old friend as the lively Friday night pub buzzed around us. Glasses clinked and excited voices chattered, and it matched the anticipation I felt at being back in the old town, having old feelings mix with new opportunities. After … [Read More...]


Are You a Perfect Christian?

Any perfectionists out there? Put your hands up now. Any at all? Oh, this is the internet. You're all sitting in a bath towel on a laptop on the couch with both hands up. Well, God wants you to repent. That's right. Change your wicked ways. Oh, I know, … [Read More...]